A ofering for Vyas Puja and Rama navami- 2014

Finally was posted to all the Video of the Biography of the early Life of Guru Maharaj. See the link BELOW. Today Is Vyas Puja. The most important day in the calendar of Gaudiya Vaishnavas. Today also is Rama navami, but for those who wish to advance in spiritual life, they will give preference to Bhaktas who are asray Bhagavan. Bharata, Rama´s brother, is Rama ´s follower, son an everything. The character of Bharat will be aprecisate only by the sincere and complete surrendered soul. How he was loyal to Ram, how he cried when he saw that Guha and even Kausalya was having suspicion on him. How he was ofered the kingdom but set the example of pure and exalted surrendered soul with a divine saintly character and loyality to his elder brother and lord ram. Nowadays we see so many want to take the position of Vyas, to be worshiped etc.. But Bharata was ofered all these things and he cried deeply as without life he told: "Better to me to die". He also rejected His mother by The evil atitude. A real disciple will never take the seat equal to his own Gurudev, he will act like Bharata. Just as Srila Gurudev did when requested by Vaman Goswami to start to give diksa. Just as Gurudev did when Swami Prabhupad told him to seat in his bed before left this world, Gurudev refused and seated in a old chair at his side. Just as Guru maharaj Tirtha Goswami did when devotees told he would be acharya. He told: "No, iam fallen soul my Gurudev is the Acharya forever".And Bharata went to Ram in Chitrakoot. And told Ram to return to His (Ram) Kingdom. And when the painfull decision was made by Ram that "You should go and govern Ayodiya, we should do this to our father and keep his words". he crying told "i will do this because of your order and still it will be you who really will be the king, i will put your sandals paduka in the main palace and i will stay outside and pay my obeisances to your sandals everyday". This event is celebrated even today in north India, as the most important event in all Ramayana. How a person will not cry reading this lila? In fact this event is the most important teaching in the whole Rama Lila. By Bharata atitude, character, loyality, love, surrender and acts a aspiring devotee should learn with Bharata and should pray to Bharata, that something of His devotion enter in our heart. With out devotees, Lord is nothing, like zero .... So Today we pray to His dear Associate in the form of Gurudev Srila B.B.Tirtha Goswami, who is a eternal associate of Radha Govinda in Golok Vrindavan and to Bharata, who is a eternal associate of Sri Ram in Ayodhya Vaikunth, that they give us inspiration, devotion, enthusiasm in doing sadhana and show their mercy on us, fallen souls of this world, that by Their Mercy we can be like them as soon as possible and be happy forever like they are eternally. Jay Srila Guru Maharaj, Jay Sri Bharata and Jay Sri Rama!!!



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