The Railway Station by Swami Sadananda Das.

The Railway Station

[…] There are people who walk around at the railway station without a ticket and the intention to take a train – such whose only interest is to see what is there. There are many who treat religion in this way.
Others take a seat in the next train, without a ticket, without knowing where the train is heading – people who walk a path with blind faith.
Others walk only a part of every path, and then they turn back again.
Others talk others into believing that only their train is the right one, and only their ticket is the true one.
Others say that it that doesn’t make any difference which train one takes – all trains have the same goal.

People don’t understand that there are many paths and many different ways of realization of Bhagavan’s nature, and that every path, every ticket and every train lead to a certain mode of Bhagavan’s nature, His being.
There is taratamyam, different modes of intensity and extensiveness, and a great variety, vaicitrita or vaicitryam, in Bhagavan Himself, and accordingly in the atmas of the bhaktas, jnanis etc.; and in the nature of their sadhanam, i.e., their individual way of approaching Bhagavan.

Now – it is not only so that each and everyone considers his own way of serving Bhagavan to be the best, but Bhagavan loves each and everyone the most – if he only wants seva, to serve correctly.
This is something which no other being than Bhagavan can do – to love everyone the most, but since everyone only knows his own special approach, he knows that his service gives Bhagavan joy. There is neither contest, envy nor ogling at what others do there.
The atma is anu, i.e., infinitesimal. He can only know and serve Bhagavan in one way. […]

Svami Sadananda Dasa, letter

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