For the Auspicious Radhastami tithi.

(Brindavana-Lilamritam, Ch. 31:)
In Rair (Raol = Ravel), this most beautiful place, the essence of all beauty (shobha sarvasvar), Vrishabhanu Ray once lived. His spouse was the noble Kirtida, the blessed one. No one in the three worlds compares to her, because from her womb Krishna's Priya took birth (appeared) in this world. In the month of Bhadra, on the 8th day of the bright half of the month, during the second prahara (once, the day and night was divided into eight parts or praharas, each consisting of three hours), i.e., about noon, in an auspicious moment, She became visible.

Out of Kirtida’s body – the pure lake – Radha, the Padmini (the female lotus) rose, a new fresh lotus bud, slightly unfolding. This was how Her avirbhava [appearance] was like. Her limbs were shaped of tender, purified gold. The light filled everyone’s heart with ananda. Some said: "We have never seen such a girl anywhere before." Some were standing speechless, their eyes filled with tears. Others said: "Vrishabhanu Raja is truly blessed by fate and no one equals to Kirtida in happiness." This was how the women were talking, and the parents rejoiced. The raja (Vrishabhanu) called the servants, and sent for the musicians and all the others. All of them came quickly, with their wind instruments, drums and cymbals, and announced the Girl’s appearance. The sound carried all the way down to Rasala.
The Child is bathed in healing substances and Kirtida feeds Her at the breast.

(A song:)
Prakata (visible) became Krishnapriya, in a noble moment, in the house of Kirtida and Vrishabhanu.
Calls of "jay", "jay" in the heavens, auspicious calls of joy of the devis in the heavens, who behold Her.
Her Divine bodily form, immensely amazing.
She – the most valuable, the shreshta, of all shaktis.
She – Krishna’s antyanta preshta, the ahladini-shakti, the essence of all shaktis.
Her limbs of pure gold – in this way She was visible to everyone.
Her face shining as moonlight, Her nose slightly curved as tila (sesame seed).
Tender, very tender words came from Her lips.
Her amshas (part manifestations) are the Lakshmis, She has many kalas (secondary part manifestations).
But the gopis are svaprakasha (not part manifestations on lower levels than Radha, but just as She is Herself; manifested out of Her.)
She, the Ornament of all ornaments, became manifest in the race of the gopas.
– The cause? – Lila together with Krishna.

She, the fullness of supreme grace, descended to Vraja, and Her name is Radha.
Everyone who saw Her was filled with ananda, and praised Her. At first, Kirtida and Vrishabhanu were immersed into the ocean of ananda, their bodies covered with hairs standing on end. Then the king distributes immense riches in the form of cows, pieces of jewellery and garments for the Brahmins.

Within two or three days She grows quickly. After three or four days, Paurnamsi comes to see Her. Kirtida rises, greets Her respectfully. Yogamaya blesses Her and asks: "I have heard that you have given birth to a daughter. Everyone says that She is sarvadhika (greater than everything). This filled with me with great joy, and I have come to see Her."
Then Kirtida brought the Child. Paurnamasi took Her in her arms and was full of ananda when she saw the lotus of Her face. Then she looks at Her small hands and feet and notices the various noble lines and signs. Paurnamasi drifts in the waves of ananda and says to Kirtida: "You are verily blessed among all women, because this girl is parama-mohini-rupa (the Divine bodily form of the supreme Entchantress). I have seen all the signs – She is shreshta (the most valuable) of all the shaktis. There are no such signs among humans. She is sarva-kanti (all enchanting beauty in one Divine bodily form)."
Kirtda listens to this, filled with ananda, and says: "Listen, you noble Brahmin mother; She may be whoever she may be! I am Her mother. She is palya (the child to be brought up) and I am palika (the one who shall bring her up), this is the relation between the two of us, and nothing else – and in my heart, I feel nothing else. She may be the Ishvari of the devas, to me she is my daughter, this I know for sure."
When she heard this, Paurnamasi rejoiced greatly, blessed Kirtida and left.
And Paurnamasi returns daily, blesses Kirtida and caresses the little daughter. She cannot do without this, not for a single day – she must come and see Her. She comes to Kirtida’s house every day. Her own prana is not her own prana. Radha is her prana. The tender, noble daughter of Kirtida is the little bird (shari = female parrot) in the cage, i.e. Paurnamasi’s prana.

(Padma-Puranam, Patala-Khanda, Ch. 40:)
Narada, who arrives at Raol shortly after Her birth, and sees Her in the arms of Vrishabhanu, reflects in astonishment: "In Brahmaloka, Rudraloka, Indraloka – I have wandered everywhere, but I have never seen a millionth fraction of such beauty anywhere. I saw Bhagavati Mahamaya, the daughter of the Himalaya, whose bodily form enchants the universe – but she is also far from even resembling this girl. Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kanti, Vidya and all the other forms – they are not even similar to the shadow of this girl. I have seen Vishnu’s form of Mohini, who enchanted Mahadeva – yet not even she is similar to this girl in any way. To fathom Her tattvam is impossible for me, as well as for all others. She must be Hari’s Priya. Her mere darshanam gives me such a treasure of prema to Govinda’s lotus feet, a prema I have never sensed before."

Translation into German: Svami Sadananda Dasa (into English: Kishordas)

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