Anywhere in Vedas, homosex is aprooved? - by Srila A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj

Shrimad Bhagavatam 3.20.26: pahi mam paramatmams te presanenasrjam prajah ta ima yabhitum papa upakramanti mam prabho TRANSLATION By Shrila Prabhupada: "Lord Brahma, approaching the Lord, addressed Him thus: My Lord, please protect me from these sinful demons, who were created by me under Your order. They are infuriated by an appetite for sex and have come to attack me." PURPORT It appears here that the homosexual appetite of males for each other is created in this episode of the creation of the demons by Brahma. In other words, the homosexual appetite of a man for another man is demoniac and is not for any sane male in the ordinary course of life. "Foolish and sinful men engage in all forms of sexual intercourse without a female womb, forcing themselves upon other men. They are born again without their organs as neuters." (Mahabharata 13.145.52) Prabhupada: The world is degrading to the lowest status, even less than animal. The animal also do not support homosex. They have never sex life between male to male. They are less than animal. People are becoming less than animal. This is all due to godlessness. Harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna , godless civilization cannot have any good qualities. Harav abhaktasya kuto mahad-guna mano rathena asato dhavato. They simply go to the untruth by mental speculation. (Shrila Prabhupada in Conversation with the GBC ?Los Angeles, May 25, 1972.) Prabhupada: Homosex. They are supporting homosex. So degraded, and still they say, "What we have done?" They do not know what is degradation, and they are priest. They are teaching others. They do not know what is the meaning of degradation. (Shrila Prabhupada in Morning Walk Conversation ?Los Angeles, September 28, 1972) Prabhupada: So generally, people are suffering on account of association with tamo-guna and rajo-guna, whole material world, mostly tamo-guna and few of them in rajo-guna. The symptoms of rajo-guna and tamo-guna are lust and greediness. Just like yesterday you told me the students are talking about homosex. That means tamo-guna, that the education students, they are discussing about homosex... That means they are making their own lusty desires fulfilled in the name of Bible, that’s all. Everyone is doing like that. They are changing. Mass opinion is now homosex. They are passing abortion. They are passing?What is this? This is their business. For fulfillment of their lusty desires and greediness, they are bringing the authority of Bible, Bhagavad-gita. This is going on in the name of religion. (Shrila Prabhupada in Morning Walk ?May 11, 1975, Perth) Prabhupada: This homosex propaganda is another side of impotency. So that is natural. If you enjoy too much, then you become impotent. Brahmananda: They are trying to make that more and more accepted in America, homosex. Prabhupada: Yes. The churches accept. It is already law. Nitai: This women’s liberation movement, the leaders are also homosexual. They’re lesbians. Prabhupada: (laughs) Just see. Hare Krsna. The whole world is on the verge of ruination. Kali-yuga. (Shrila Prabhupada in Morning Walk ?September 6, 1975, Vrndavana) Tamala Krsna: Now they have churches for homosex. That means the priest is a homosexual, and the persons who come are homosexuals. A special church for homosexuals. Prabhupada: Just see. Is that religion? (Shrila Prabhupada in Room Conversation ?January 8, 1976, Nellore)

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