"Many parts of the Book is "Wrong" says Madhav Maharaj and Brajanath Prabhu

    On this video in Radha Kund, Srila Gurupadpadma explain how we should diferenciate between emotion and devotion, sahajism and Vaishnavism, sentimental feelings and prema etc.... and he repeat what Prabhupad S.Thakur used to say there ... (from min.50:00) ... about the new biography book of my Gurudev i asked Madhav M. and Brajanath p. about the autenticity of some parts of the book, they both replied "Many parts are Wrong", and i agree with them as i see that to preach Govinda Lilamrta to new boys is inapropriate and gives more space to sahajiya vada. Gour Haribol!

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