Truth on zigzag way

After the (aparent) desappearance of the western saviour- A.C.Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj, very few devotees could recognize my Gurudev- Srila B.V.Narayan Goswami as being non-diferent from Him- Sri Guru-tattva. What wonder it was when Sri Gurudev B.V.Narayan Goswami (aparently) desappeared from this world and even a fewer devotees could realize that Siksa Gurudev Srila B.B.Tirtha Goswami is also non-diferent from Sri Gurudev? The serpentine- zigzag way that the Lord likes to play- always active and progressively tricky expert!
Pehaps no need to say why (aparently).
Srila Swami Maharaj introduced harinam sankirtan and eliminated the jungles of maya-sunyavada, Srila Gurudev fixed and inspired some greed for the supreme goal and explained all bhakti-siddhanta and Siksa Gurudev Tirtha G. showed how to practice to really aquieve that supreme goal by emphatizing saranagati and trnad api sunic mood.

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