Oh! Sacidananda Sri Bhaktivinod!
the life and soul of Srila Prabhupad!
manifestation of Sri Gadadhar
greatest follower of Rupa Goswamipad
the holy scriptures you have churned
marvellous sinthesis from it emerged
who can doubt You are the emperor
of the pure, religious and self realized!
The prophet of highest devotion
of what seemed to be lost
The Baghirath Rsi of Bhakti-Ganga!
Oh You! Who assumed that post!
Gaudiya siddhanta
Gaudiya dhama
Sri Bhaktissidhanta
Gaudiya kirtana
What we have today
Oh, devotional arquitect!
have come from You only
i bow down with all respect
Today a little i walked
theology- sastra, knowledge, thinking
for a moment i realized
everything came from You- The King!

for His holy tirobhav-tithi- 12 july, 2018

vaishnava dasabhas baladev brahmchari

"I dont want to make this subject cheap, be very carefull" Sri Gurudev- ...

"Do not listen rasa kirtan"

So, here on this video (from min. 2:40), Srila Gurudev who was very concerned about imitationism among his own disciples, confirms that one should not associate with those who speaks rasa katha or chant rasa kirtan and He asked one devotee who seems to have not understood it: "You can not understand this simple thing?". Srila Guru Maharaj Tirtha Goswami also told when a god-sister showed Him the Govinda Lilamrta book, he told her: "Be carefull of who will touch this book". Its a disapointment that many can not understand and follow these important instructions from our Guru-varga. They want to make these higher things easy as fish on the marked as Gurudev once remarked. So we should be carefull to not listen or chant these things. In this same, last Badger festival Gurudev also told: "You will all go to hell because of this".


An Ideal sanyassi

As Siksa Gurudev Srila B.B.Tirtha Goswami used to say- "Those who are really practicing with full sincerity, only them may preach efectivaly". So let me glorify 2 sincere bhaktas who fit to those instructions. First i must say that Srila Bhakti Niketan Turyasrami Maharaj is a real sanyassi. Living in a very simple manner, even on his advanced age he rarely acepts that any other bhakta does some seva to him, always happy and in a joyfull mood. Staying some months living and sleeping at his side i saw with my very eyes how he used to do bhajan, always with tears on his eyes in separation mood (vipralambh). he remembers me of Mahaprabhu instruction trnad api sunic ... wich he practice in his life. I remember when Prema prabhu and me were sleeping at his side-bed in Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math Kolkata, one day Prem prabhu woke up and told me: "Did u heard who was calling the Lord loudly while sleeping at night?". I told "No< didnt heard anything". Then he thought that was on another bhakta who was sleeping there too. After some days, i wokeup in dark night, and i could hear that just on my side-bed, while sleeping, Srila Turyasrami Maharaj was calling loudly and crying: "He Bhagavan, he Bhagavan", It was him, in separation mood even while sleeping, then i came to know that he was the person who Prem prabhu told about. So he is a bonafide example of Mahaprabhu-bhakta. One day he told me: "At the time of my Gurudev, every daily routine in the Math was going on perfectly, now everything have changed". He have no pride or desire to any mundane things like to be Guru or anything like this. he is happy serving his Lord in separation mood giving all respect to others without waiting anything for himself. And just by his practice he is preaching. He made a big diference in my understanding of a real Gurusevaka and Goura Bhakta. Below some photo i took from him in Kolkata Math.

baladev das

A imagem pode conter: mesa e área interna

                                                             Srila B.N.Turyashrami Maharaj

Truth on zigzag way

After the (aparent) desappearance of the western saviour- A.C.Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj, very few devotees could recognize my Gurudev- Srila B.V.Narayan Goswami as being non-diferent from Him- Sri Guru-tattva. What wonder it was when Sri Gurudev B.V.Narayan Goswami (aparently) desappeared from this world and even a fewer devotees could realize that Siksa Gurudev Srila B.B.Tirtha Goswami is also non-diferent from Sri Gurudev? The serpentine- zigzag way that the Lord likes to play- always active and progressively tricky expert!
Pehaps no need to say why (aparently).
Srila Swami Maharaj introduced harinam sankirtan and eliminated the jungles of maya-sunyavada, Srila Gurudev fixed and inspired some greed for the supreme goal and explained all bhakti-siddhanta and Siksa Gurudev Tirtha G. showed how to practice to really aquieve that supreme goal by emphatizing saranagati and trnad api sunic mood.

baladev das

The ways of my Lord.

If a devotee is sincere with simple heart, to comit a sin due to weakness-previous bad impressions, is not so bad as a devotee who externally follow all the rules of bhakti but keep hipocrisy inside his heart. ex: he knows that he is not liberated soul, have some anarthas but still is posing to the world as a Guru, as a personality who can liberate others. In fact, its the sinner who will be liberated and the other will have to go to hell. The first is harming himself only, the other harms himself and many others. We have heard that Sri Prahlad Maharaj in his previous birth was atached to a prostitute, but because he had simple heart and did nrsimha-chaturdasi-vrat (fasting) unkowingly, he became great suddha-bhakta in next birth. Ajamil, also aparently a sinner, got the same auspicious end as Prahlad. In fact, the Lord have told Arjun to declare it to whole world: "Declare that my sincere bhakta who comite sin, is still sadhu". But condition is that he must be sincere and have simple heart, without any duplicity. In other way, if a person follow all rules and is not externally doing any sin, if he is cheating himself and others by posing as a sadhu who can liberate others, this person will go to hell. God will always give priority to the internal mentality of everyone. The Lord Jeshua (Jesus) also rebuked the hebrews for this same matter. Its the way of the tricky Lord. Very few can understand.

baladev das