A poem to my Divine Master.

                                                                                                                                                                                  My Divine Master! Coming from the central lótus petals of the spiritual world (Goloka Vrindavan), you have enchanted all the universe with your transcendental sweetness. With your powerful hari-katha (divine instructions from Goloka), you enthroned suddha bhakti as the only means to attain the Supreme destination and you have stolen millions and millions of hearts with your supra-mundane love and affection. For  Srila Swami Maharaj´s disciples, you act like a bhakti-revival in their lives, and you gave them the ‘second wave of love’. For your own disciples you act like a father, mother and protector, and you have cleared  all the inauspicious things of this world, just like a sun coming in the morning. In this way you are the personification of the most elevated theistic conception –vraja-prema.


Oh my Divine Master! The words (vani) coming from your lótus mouth in the form of the most sweet hari katha, have changed many , many souls - actually they became like street beggars by the influence of your powerful instructions. Fully detached, you came to western countries to preach the glories of Sriman Mahaparabhu and Radha Govinda and even with so many obstacles , you were supremely successful in your unbelievable efforts. You have estabilished that raga-marga is the only way by which  Krishna can be controlled , only by  spontaneous love and affection. Oh Radha-priya ! (who is the most dear to Radhika) In your transcendental form in krishna-lila as Ramana-manjari, you satisfy the most intimate desires of the Divine Couple. You  are the personification of  amorous service to Srimati Radhika and the ideal preacher of the Rupanuga Sampradaya. Never before has any Acharya preached so much and  so freely the glories of Radhika as you did and it was done by the direct order of Radharani. The universe now is eternally endebted to you Srila Gurudev . You were blessed by your transcendental potency  to bring the most high conception of devotion to the world (sva-bhakti-sriyam).


Oh my saintly Master. Your resplendent and powerful form (murti) enchants even demi-gods like Shiva and Brahma. Your blue eyes exceed the charm of the most beautiful and valuable diamond. With yours long arms extending to your knees and your strong chest,  you came in this world as the most powerful Acharya of this millennium. Your nose shames the beauty of the lotus and your bodily effulgence puts to shame the beauty of the full moon. Your sweet nature makes millions and millions of bee- like devotees , come to taste the mellows of the ambrosial divine instructions and narrations of Yugala Kishora Kishori. Such is the glory of your transcendental form,  in all ways similar to the form of jagad Guru Srila Prabhupada Sarasvati Thakur. Following the footsteps of your Master , Srila Bhakti Prajnana Keshav Goswami Maharaj (who was the most intimate disciple of Prabhupad) , ‘the lion-like Acharya ’, you also have destroyed the elephants in the form of the sahajism and erroneous concepts within Gaudiya sampradaya , and roaming like a lion in the every part of the globe, you have protected the purity of Mahaprabhu´s message of love. Oh Gurudev! You are also the personification of  Sad-Guru , " sweet like a flower and grave like a storm.” All the world has seen that.

Oh Jagad Guru ! (Guru of the universe) .You have received the title  “Guru of the Millennium” – Yuga Acharya. Even devotees from others religions and sects recognize your saintly conduct and saw the Lord in you. Ornamented with all excellent and transcendental qualities of the Supreme Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, not a single person did not recognize your supreme position in the religious circle. With your impeccable character and honesty, you acted with no trace of duplicity and diplomacy in your divine preaching. With so much love and affection for your sons and daughters, even a few moment before you departed from this mortal world, you said , with tears in your eyes, and effulgent with Radharani and Mahaprabhu golden color, “Now my heart has become like the ocean. Millions and millions of  waves of affection come and go in my heart. These waves are due to the love and affection I am feeling for Mahaprabhu, Radha Govinda and for my disciples, sons and daughters”. Such affection coming from you now, is our only pride and hope that will be necessary to surpass all the difficulties and obstacles in our lives ,  now deprived of your divine presence. Praying to eternally serve you with all determination and energy, this fallen soul holds your lotus feet  , hoping that one single drop of mercy and compassion comes on my head. May your words inspire many , many  future generations , that your name be glorified with golden letters in all worlds and universes, forever ….

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