The mind may be the friend or enemy of one´s atma-soul.

You must never think that you are alone but you must remember that man’s mind may be the enemy or friend of man’s atma. God’s kindness does not consist in eliminating the difficulties we have to face, but in giving in the Shastrams clear and distinct instructions how to behave and conduct ourselves according to our stage of life. It is our eternal freedom to act accordingly or not. He does not interfere though He is in the personal form of Vishnu in every atma. His assistance starts in the degree of our willingness to serve Him, i.e., to do what He has laid down as injunctions of the Shastrams. What we experience as joy or suffering in this world, is entirely the result of our actions and nobody can absolve us from the consequences we have to bear – without escapism.

The difficulties for you all is this that you all take the conception of the world, its laws and rules, logical, physical, and evolution etc. for granted, that you cannot dare to doubt the validity of man’s brain and its rules in relation to the atma, God and His realm. You therefore take your own life and its events too importantly. There are countless universes with countless atmas like yours who have forgotten what they are – little, very little sparks of pure Consciousness or Knowledge who require the material world with body and mind to experience the world or the spiritual world to serve God, and who have freedom to decide, but require energy to materialize their wishes.

There are actually God’s ever present realm and the limited world at the same place – the latter’s presence does not limit His actual omnipresence. Your atma awakens, realizes His realm – your atma covered by body and mind experiences this tiring universe. – His Realm and this universe, like light and shadow. The shadow covers the vision of the atma, but does not cover the light

You must not lose patience. Everything goes step by step. Do not imagine anything, be not sentimental – but clear and determined to fulfil the duties in this world, while at the same time being aware of its uselessness for the real purpose of life. […]

Svami Sadananda Dasa, letter 1955

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